What is Zippy's and Apple's Friends?

Zippy’s Friends (designed for Years 1, 2 or 3) and Apple’s Friends (designed for Years 3 or 4) is a mental health promotion program that has been successful around the world.  It is preventative approach with a strong evidence base. Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends  help all children develop emotional resilience and a wide range of coping strategies.  It is available in many languages (with parent booklets in 24 languages). We are hoping to provide a Welsh version soon.

The program is flexible, both courses consist of 24 structured (weekly) sessions of 40 minutes; everything is provided including detailed lesson plans and there is an inclusion supplement to support children at School Action and School Action Plus.  We feel that this program will fit in with any comprehensive PSHE curriculum and is also a good complement to ELSA.

Please feel free to download the ZFAF Flyer here.

Partnership for Children is the charity responsible for providing the materials, researching and developing this programme.