IEPS provides a robust training programme designed to help schools promote psychological wellbeing and resilience before, during and following crises.This training will enable schools to design, on purpose, in an informed way, a plan for their response to potential critical incidents in their school and community.

Participants will be taken through the theory, research and practice of critical incident response as espoused by American, Israeli and German specialists in this area. Participants take part in practical exercises and discussion throughout. This will be accompanied by advice on how to set up a critical incident response team in a school. All participants will be provided with a booklet, which can be adapted for their school. Schools that have established protocols will be able to use this session to develop and update their strategies.


“I think if all staff learn about….this would work towards reassuring staff at the emotional level in the event of a crisis”

“I learned that preparation is very important for critical incidents. More of a whole school approach is needed.”

“Having a “real” scenario was useful.”

“Very good course leaders. Clear and full of knowledge.”

“Always good to have professionals in the field deliver such difficult content.”

Download a summary of the training here: Critical Incident Response Training Information