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The Wellbeing Questionnaire looking at staff perceptions of staff and student wellbeing in international schools will be completed and analysed. IEPS is working with Cardiff University on this project.

The Wellbeing Audit is under construction. This will provide international schools with a structure for evaluating their provision for wellbeing and identifying where improvements can be made.




  • IEPS consists of a group of British trained Educational Psychologists with a wealth of experience in all areas of Additional Learning Needs in children and young people aged from 0-25 years. Angie Wigford (Lead Psychologist) works with Andrea Higgins, Tom Pearson and Sian Winckle on different projects.
  • IEPS specialises in International Schools and the particular benefits and challenges that they confer on the wellbeing of their communities. IEPS works worldwide developing strategies for addressing issues based on individual school situations.
  • IEPS uses a wide range of psychological approaches to facilitate change with an empowerment perspective founded in Positive Psychology.
  • We work with schools at a strategic level providing CPD, training and advice on the development of systems and protocols.
  • We work with parents, teachers and individual pupils to maximise wellbeing and learning potential.
  • We will visit your school and follow up on Skype.

Dr Angie Wigford is the lead Educational Psychologist for IEPS. Angie taught secondary science in national and international schools in Nigeria, Kenya, Colombia and Vienna, Austria before retraining as an EP 10 years ago. Angie is also a Director of Teachers International Consultancy (TIC). IEPS is affiliated to and sponsored by TIC Recruitment.

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